Analysis of the State of Integrity in the Medicines Availability Processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Compliance and Ethics development company Net Consulting ltd. Sarajevo prepared the document titled “Analysis of the State of Integrity in Medicines Availability Processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, which includes all important processes in this area: from registration of medicines, to their selection for public funding and public procurement, to prescription of medicines, to advertising and sale, to clinical trials, etc. The processes are considered from the perspective of integrity standard: the presence of the risk of conflict of interest, large discretionary powers of managers, general transparency of the process, participation of the professional community and users in the decision-making processes, the lack/presence of mechanisms for prevention of the risk of irregularities and business operations control, etc.

The Analysis was done within the Healthcare Integrity initiative, the concept of which is based on the best global practices of collective actions towards improving integrity standard (WB, The Basel Institute B20 Hub, M&B 2013, etc.). The concept is based on the participation of a wide range of stakeholders from health institutions, the legislative reference bodies, patient associations, professional associations of pharmacists and doctors, the pharmaceutical industry, international institutions, etc. who participated and contributed in different ways to the development and overall quality of the Analysis, which we highly appreciate. We would like to thank in particular to the Swiss company ROCHE Ltd. for supporting the development and printing of this document, recognizing that the area of compliance and business ethics is of extreme importance for the functioning of the health system in BiH in general and in medicines availability in particular.

The document was developed in three phases. During the first phase, the desk research was conducted. All sources used are mentioned in the footnotes. In the second phase, the Analysis was significantly expanded with the information collected in over 20 meetings held with representatives of health institutions and organizations and particularly with parts of discussions by relevant stakeholders from the health sector during the Thematic Conference on the “Analysis of the State of Integrity in Medicines Availability Processes in BiH“, held in Sarajevo, on 14 June 2017. During the final, third phase, the possibility was given to (over 50) institutions and organizations which had been invited and participated in the Conference, to provide feedback to the draft analysis. All comments were incorporated in the text or are provided in a separate chapter of the Analysis.

Hoping to make at least a symbolic contribution to shedding light on and improving the medicines availability processes in BiH, Net Consulting ltd. welcomes all suggestions, comments and discussions on the Analysis to all stakeholders.

You may download the analysis on the following link:

Analysis of the State of Integrity in the Medicines Availability Processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina

About us:

Net Consulting ltd. is the leading company in the West Balkan region in the area known globally as Compliance and Ethics – conducting business in compliance with the law and ethical standards. The Net Consulting’s competence to develop this study stems not only from its primary activity but also from its years-long experience in working with health institutions and other health sector entities. Net Consulting received in 2017 the SCCE’s prestigious international Compliance and Ethics award in Las Vegas (US) for its contribution to developing and spreading Corporate Compliance and Ethics in the world.