Announcement: Roundtable on business integrity


We would like to invite you to take part in roundtable ‘Impact of international regulations for business integrity on attracting & sustaining foreign investments, export and new jobs in Bosnia and Herzegovina’ that will be held on October 25, 2016 at Business center Unitic, Room 8 (St. Fra Anđela Zvizdovića 1).

The event is intended for:

  • foreign and domestic business associations in B&H,
  • international and domestic chambers of commerce,
  • public institutions and bodies related to integrity, investments and export,
  • international organizations,
  • individual companies,
  • compliance professionals,
  • think tanks,
  • researchers.

This roundtable focuses on seeking solutions to the lack of ethical standards and practices in the B&H market, which is causing significant problems for the B&H economy in two highly important directions:

a) Foreign investors are facing unfair competition and an unfair market environment in B&H that creates huge regulatory, financial and reputational risks in the home countries under the strong anti-corruption laws. As a result the sustainability of foreign investments in B&H is undermined, thus sending a bad message for attracting new investments;

b) Lack of domestic business integrity standards and practices in the field of export of goods and services from B&H more often results in the emergence of scandals and frauds that violate international regulations. This has recently resulted in trade bans by Russia and Turkey for products from B&H. These international scandals contribute to the loss of income and fewer jobs for B&H and undermine the prospects for new investment and export growth.

Our special guest speaker is Mr. Joe Murphy, a member of the board and director of public policy of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics from the US, with more than 8000 members worldwide. For 40 years, Joe Murphy, CCEP, has been a tireless champion of compliance and ethics in organizations and has done work in this field on six continents. Joe has published over 100 articles and given over 200 presentations in 17 countries. Joe has advised governments, companies, non-governmental organizations and universities around the world about the nuances of implementing an effective compliance and ethics program. Compliance techniques that he wrote about as early as the 1980s are now accepted best practices.

Guest speakers:
- Zehra Selimović, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH
- Lada Buševac, Senior Country Officer, International Finance Corporation
- Muamer Mahmutović, president of Chamber of Commerce KS,
- Prof. dr. Aziz Šunje, Professor, School of Economics and Business of University of Sarajevo,
- Sanjin Purgić, German Chamber of commerce to B&H (To be confirmed),
- Representative of Foreign Investors Council, BiH (To be confirmed)
- Adnan Filipović, General manager, Roche Ltd (To be confirmed)
- Suad Huskić, Mayor of Tešanj municipality (To be confirmed)

Participation in the roundtable is free of charge with prior registration and confirmation by the organizer. The number of seats is restricted on 30. All business associations or individual companies, domestic and foreign chambers of commerce, international organizations, researchers and think tanks are invited to present their opinion, research or data about the state of this problem and possible solutions to improve business integrity standards and practices in B&H’s market.

Please confirm your participation till 10/20/2016 by e-mail: or call us at 033/975 577 or 061 221 636;

We are thankful to the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics from the US which provided resources and support for the visit of worldwide recognized compliance expert Mr. Joe Murphy.

You may find the agenda for the event here.